As I Am Yoga Community is based in Wichita Falls, Texas, founded by Cassie O'Brien.  We strive to support health in individuals through movement and mindfulness. Starting with the heart and giving attention to the whole body, we teach the body to move in a way that connects us to our essence. Through love, learning and a little labor, the body can be nourished to strengthen and to heal itself.

Our Teachers

Cassie O'Brien, Owner & Teacher

Cassie has been practicing versions of yoga since she was very young. She could be found doing tripod headstands with her brothers and chanting Om on the couch with her dad. She was inspired by her own healing through yoga to offer it to others. She received her certification through Soul.full School of Yoga in Ft. Worth, Texas. In her yoga class, you can expect to find a slow, empowering flow with aromatherapy options. She focuses on strength and connecting the mind to the body. Known for listening and identifying opportunities for growth, Cassie hopes to bring a peace through personal understanding and acceptance to those she serves.

In addition to yoga, Cassie also studies plant therapies. She received her certification as a Master Clinical Aromatherapist through Heart of Herbs, and is currently completing her Master Herbalist certification. In her spare time, Cassie can be found with her son hiking the trails in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, making yogurt at Dry Valley Dairy, traveling to visit friends and family all over the country, or reading a good book.

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Katie Clayton, Teacher


Katie stumbled upon the yoga practice in 2015 when her sister didn’t want to try her first class alone. It didn’t take long for her to realize this was more than just an exercise – it was changing the way she thought and felt. Being a runner most of her life, she realized the need to take better care of the body and saw what a gift it was to slow down and embrace the strength and quiet mental challenge of yoga.

In 2017, Katie received her 200 RYT certification through the Yoga Alliance and her CYT from Vibe Yoga in Allen, TX. She focuses on Vinyasa Flow and looks forward to sharing the practice with others and what it can do to enrich their life and their mind.

Katie currently lives in Wichita Falls, TX with her husband and a Redbone Coonhound named Copper.

Yvonne Franke, Teacher

Yvonne’s yoga journey began in 2010. What started out as a more physical practice within a crowded Bikram yoga class, soon became a lot more for her: She realized that yoga goes beyond building strength and flexibility, but also provides you with tools to deal with various challenges in life. She has practiced different yoga styles since then, including Vinyasa, Iyengar and Kundalini. In 2018, Yvonne completed her 200 CYT with Soul Motivation Yoga School in Fort Worth, where she was trained in Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga.

Being a passionate teacher, Yvonne loves helping students develop confidence in themselves. She believes that stepping outside of the world into the physical practice opens the door to connecting with your true self. She guides students through a powerful and peaceful practice that is widely accessible. 

In her spare time, Yvonne enjoys her cozy home with her three guinea pigs, making sourdough bread, and exploring the world of essential oils.

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